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A figure drawing is a drawing of the human form in any of its various shapes and postures using any of the drawing media. The term can also refer to the act of producing such a drawing. The degree of representation may range from highly detailed, anatomically correct renderings to loose and expressive sketches.

11 Figure Drawing Classes Online

Anatomy for Figure Drawing: Mastering the Human Figure

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What you'll learn
To learn anatomy for the human figure.
Learn the skeleton.
Learn the muscles and where they attach so you can draw the figure from imagination.
Learn all about how to draw breasts and their mechanics, how they squish, attach, etc.
Learn to draw skin and fat, where fat builds up.
Learn to draw, heads, faces, hands, and feet.
Putting it all together. Learning specific parts of the body on motion, to better understand some more difficult muscles.

Complete Beginner's Guide to Anatomy and Figure Drawing

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Draw the human form from any angle or pose
Draw the muscles of the human form
Pose the human form
Draw male and female figures
Draw the figure without using reference
Have the ability to create a figure from their mind
Never have to rely on clip art or copy another artist's figures for reference
Improve your figures
Understand the principles of anatomy from a stick figure to the skeleton to the muscles and variety of the human form.

The Complete Figure Drawing Course HD

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The Complete Figure Drawing Course HD is a 77 hours industrial art training course spanning 225 lessons, designed to teach industrial art students on how to draw the human figure from the mind. Traditional artists can also gain from this course as the course uses simple drawing methods to teach. Traditional artists can use their own style of drawing to follow along. The course was created by Riven Phoenix a professional artist and teacher who made the course to allow virtually every industrial art student to succeed on how to draw and understand the human figure rapidly. This drawing course is used in over 70 countries, in colleges and leading entertainment studios world over like Disney and Lucas films. Riven's job in this figure drawing course is to teach you how to unlock the mysteries of the human figure inside your mind so you can draw it with bliss for industrial art. You will go through 225 video lessons spanning 77 hours. He will guide you through a step-by-step drawing process to construct the structure of the human form in your mind the easy way. All you need is a pencil and a sketchbook and a passion to draw. You can try the first 19 lessons for free and see for yourself why virtually every art student succeeds with his course. You will be able to take this drawing knowledge and apply it to any artistic field from illustrations to comic books to story-boarding. You are going to cover an incredible amount of detail in this course using the power of artistic thinking which will allow you to rapidly conquer the ability to how to draw people with bliss. You will be doing over 200 illustrations in this course so for sure your drawing ability will improve rapidly. It took riven 10 years to put together this course for industrial artists which includes 30 years of his figure drawing knowledge into one package for artists to enjoy. You can also read student testimonials on the company site and see for yourself how this course really does work for all artists.
Here are a few Testimonials from our site:
"When it comes to the human body this is perhaps the greatest video instructional series that I have ever seen." - BlenderNation
“This course is an excellent hands-on detailed walk through the process of drawing the human figure based on a systematic structure of anatomical study, and a solid foundation for serious figure drawing” - Gerrit Verstraete, founder, Drawing Society of Canada.
" I am in awe of how well the Lessons taught me the invention of the figure, and how deeply seated that information now is in my mind." - Diane Kraus (Illustrator)
"The training included on 'The Complete Figure Drawing Course HD' is nothing short of remarkable. I am not even halfway through this (stunningly) comprehensive series of anatomy drawing videos, and I would urge anyone with the slightest interest in fine art to invest in this training without hesitation" - Jimmy S. (Multimedia Producer/Visual Effects Artist)
"I learned more usable knowledge in the first 7 Lessons than all the other books combined." - -Bryan Bray (Management is my day job. Web Design and Graphic Design is my love.)
Who this course is for:
This course is designed for all artists
This course is also designed for artists who wish to understand human figure drawing for illustration

How to Improve Your Figure Drawing - Step by Step

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This is a basic approach to figure drawing. This entire how to draw the human figure course is 7.5 hours. I share techniques that I have used over the years to create comic book illustrations and storyboards for television. You will learn how to systematically break down the various parts of the body into simpler shapes. As I illustrate each area step by step you will follow along and learn from my studies. This will give you insight into how I create my artwork and create poses from the mind. I also share what techniques I use to improve my knowledge of the human form. Things like gesture drawings, timed studies of the pose, negative space drawing, foreshortening, perspective, organic versus angular lines, and much more. You will also be given a copy of the art files as a downloadable PDF that I have created here so that you can work along and study from them. By the end of this course you should be more confident in constructing your figure drawings from the mind and have a better understanding of the human form.
You will also learn how to draw gestures of the body using methods such as CSI. Making use of action lines and timed studies to help you improve your drawing abilities. I am also very receptive to my students. So if you have any suggestions or questions I am here to help!
I have also included 6 lessons on drawing various hands poses. You will learn what to pay attention to when drawing the hands so that they are more believable and expressive.
You also get the Bonus lectures on How to Draw and Shade Muscular arms. In those lessons I go over 3 different arm poses with various rendering techniques.
The tips and tricks from this course will make the process of drawing complex body poses much easier to accomplish. Good luck with your art and I can't wait to see your progress!
Who this course is for:
This course is for beginners that would like to take their character drawing a step further. Some of these techniques are intermediate but still easy to understand.

The Art & Science of Figure Drawing: Gesture

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In this beginning figure drawing course, you’ll learn the exciting art of gesture drawing. Gesture drawing is one of the most important, but least understood parts of the figure drawing process, but Instructor Brent Eviston will guide you through the figure drawing process with the same award-winning instruction and hands on projects that have made his other drawing courses bestsellers.
This course brings the figure drawing studio to you by providing master instruction and timed practice poses for you to draw from. Once enrolled you’ll learn from numerous anatomical diagrams, detailed drawing demonstrations and hundreds of photographs of a fully nude model.
This course contains 12 lessons, each filled with essential figure drawing techniques. Each lesson contains at least one practice reel with timed poses specifically chosen so you can get the most out of the lesson they accompany.
By the end of this course you’ll be able to do gesture drawings that stand alone as works of art as well as lay the foundation for more detailed figure drawings.
Because this course features photographs of a fully nude model, it is important that you conduct yourself maturely and appropriately in the course.
Although this is a beginning figure drawing course, it is not a beginning drawing course. Some basic drawing skills are recommended.
Who this course is for:
Anyone wanting to draw the figure.
Fine artists looking to improve their skills.
Aspiring digital artists looking for a career in the arts.

How to Draw Pinups and Sexy Women

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So, you want to draw sexy pinups but you can’t find books or video courses on the subject?
I have what you’re looking for, and just for taking the time to check out this video, I’m going to give you free access to a few hours of my How to Draw Sexy Pinups.
This pinup course is different.
It will teach you the principles of how to draw sexy pinups, like what makes pinup women beautiful, and why a pose is sexy verses one that is not sexy, or how not to go too far and make porn instead of a pinup.
I show you how to make successful pinups, that believe it or not, can make you money. At the end of the course, after you are drawing awesome pinups, I teach you how to make money doing it.
I take you from the very beginning of how to quickly draw sexy women, their proportions, different techniques of drawing the poses, like gesture, construction, my newest techniques, and more.
I show you the very foundations of what makes pinups sexy, like twist the body, what angles are sexy and why, put weight on one leg and why, and much more.
You want to draw sexy pinups. This is how you do it.
During this course, we draw many sexy pinup women, in many sexy poses, but better than that, we also learn why those poses are sexy, and how to invent our own sexy poses for our own pinups. I show you how to think creatively in the process.
We learn how to draw hands, and specifically, how to draw them for pinups. Hands are so important in a pinup, so we need to do it right.
We learn how to draw feet for pinups. How to draw hair for pinups. How to draw expressions for pinups. How to draw folds and clothes for pinups, even how to draw sexy shoes and hair.
This is the complete guide to drawing pinups.
Why wait? Watch the free lessons, then buy the course.
You have nothing to lose because Udemy offers an iron clad, money back guarantee.
So start watching your awesome pinup course.
Who this course is for:
For people that wish to draw sexy pinup women and know how to draw the figure pretty well

Figure Drawing Foundations | Proportions

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Avoid the Proportional mistakes most artists make that doom a drawing from the very beginning​
Spot and fix the proportional errors within your characters
Apply proportions in perspective
Draw characters in proportion at different ages
Draw the common, comic book character types in proportion
Draw the human head in proportion
Draw the human figure in proportion from the front, side and any other angle you want
Easily draw your characters in proportion without even having to think about

The Art & Science of Figure Drawing: Volume & Structure

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Volumetric drawing is an essential figure drawing skill that brings a dramatic sense of 3-Dimensionality to drawings. It does this by emphasizing the fundamental volumes of the figure. This technique has been relied upon for centuries and is still used by master artists and creative professionals today.
In this course we’ll be using a vocabulary of basic volumes: the sphere, the cylinder, and the cube. If you’re enrolled in this course you should already be comfortable drawing these volumes at various proportions and various orientations in space. We’ll be combining these basic volumes to create the more complex forms of the figure.
In this course we’re going to focus primary on geometric drawings of the figure. These geometric drawings are a powerful tool that will ensure that you see and draw the figure as a dynamic 3-dimensional object moving through space. Once you’ve learned how to draw the body geometrically, you’ll learn how to incorporate a dramatic sense of volume into realistic drawings by using dynamic mark making and descriptive contours.
To help you understand the volumes of the body, this course includes some unique projects. You’ll be led step by step through the process of creating anatomical models of some of the more challenging volumes of the body including the head and the rib cage. You can use these models as drawing and anatomical aids so you always have help understanding how these forms of the body operate in perspective.
This course includes numerous timed practice poses as well as downloadable still images of fully nude figure drawing models.
Because this course features photographs of fully nude models, it is important that you conduct yourself maturely and appropriately in the course.
This is an intermediate figure drawing course. It is highly recommended that you complete my Gesture course before taking this course.
Who this course is for:
Serious Figure Drawing students.

How to Sketch & Draw People and Figures - For Beginners

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Do you want to freely draw and sketch people?
Are you a beginner to drawing and sketching?
Do you want to improve your pen sketching skills?
If you said yes to ANY of the above - You came to the right place!
How to Sketch & Draw People and Figures
In my course you will learn how to easily sketch and draw people, using photo reference or real-life observation.
I will teach you my personal guidelines, that help me with drawing just about anything from observation, whether it be people and figures, landscapes, cityscapes, still life and more.
TONS of Demos
This course will be DEMO-PACKED. I want to show you as much as possible how I do what I do, and allow you to also learn how to replicate my results.
Inside you'll find
Super-useful sketching and drawing advice.
A special method for drawing ANY figure in ANY scene, that ANYONE can learn immediately.
TONS of full, real-time narrated demonstrations.
How to finalize your sketches and give them life, vibrancy and a dynamic sense.
Perspective and how it works with people and figures.
Much more...
Let's get started!
This course is suitable for just about anyone - beginner and intermediate.
If this is what you want to learn take action now and get started.
Drawing people is super-fun. Imagine all the great-looking figures you will be able to draw, in any situation or scene.
If you are ready - let's get started! (:
- Liron
Who this course is for:
Anyone who wants to learn how to sketch and draw people and figures
Beginners to drawing and sketching
Anyone who wants to improve their general sketching and drawing technique
Anyone who wants to improve their pen sketching techniques

Drawing Comics - Anatomy and Figure Drawing

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Let me ask you something. Do you ever struggle with anatomy?
Maybe you're not completely sure where the muscle groups go, so you just kinda guess instead - and hope it's right.
Or do you ever get people who leave feedback on your work, simply stating "You need to improve on your anatomy" and then forget to tell you how, or where to even begin?
You might be motivated to learn anatomy, but just feel so overwhelmed by the thought of how long it's going to take to learn every single muscle from memory.
If that's you, Ed Foychuk's new course "How To Draw Comics | Anatomy" might just be just what you need to
help you solve those anatomical obstacles once and for all.
When it comes to drawing characters in comic books, animation, story boarding or concept design, understanding anatomy is critical to drawing people that look accurate.
Every muscle carefully clicks into the body like an interlinked jig-saw puzzle to power the human machine. They propel each movement with momentum - tensing, twisting and pulling to execute our desired, physical action.
It's a complex system to say the least.
But learning anatomy is necessary to truly harness the power of dynamic figure drawing.
If you can hack the intricate, underlying system of muscles within the human body - to understand how each muscle connects to the next; it's size, form and purpose, the level of confidence you possess in your figure drawing abilities will sky rocket.
In fact, you'll have complete control over the way you draw your characters.
Imagine, being able to draw your characters in any pose, from any perspective, knowing that their
anatomy is properly structured, without ever having to second guess yourself.

That's what this course aims to give you in 14 lessons, spanning over 6 hours of intensive anatomy training. When you get this course you'll watch example after example as to how the muscle structure of each part of the human body is broken down, analysed and reconstructed.
Each demonstration is specifically designed for you to follow along with, with easy to follow steps that clearly show you how to give the basic foundations of your figures sound anatomy.

How To Draw Comics | Anatomy covers suits such as:
Simplified Skeleton
Adding Clothes
Line of Action
Plus you'll also learn how to construct a proportionally accurate, simplified skeleton to serve as the foundation of your character's anatomy.
On top of that you'll get a PDF companion included in this course which is to designed to compliment the video tutorials your instructor, Ed Foychuk has put together. And while it could be of some help on it's own, it really is made for you to follow along with the video lessons.
Who this course is for:
Beginners and Intermediate Illustrators
People interested in learning to draw the human figure

Discover the 7 Secrets to Figure Drawing: Draw Awesome ...

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Discover the 7 Secrets of Figure Drawing:
Draw Awesome Figures
in Two Weeks
Ever feel so frustrated with your figure drawings you just
want to give up? Is it even hard to draw a cartoon?
You see other artists’ work and think, why can’t I draw my
figures like that? I used to feel the same way until I discovered the secrets
of figure drawing, and I’m going to share them with you.
Tim thought he would never be a concept artist because his figure
drawings weren’t good enough, but then he found my 10 hour course, and guess what?
He’s now a concept artist.
You too can draw the human figure like a master artist.
“I want to help Neil because he helped me. I owe my job to
him. His teaching techniques and teaching style made everything finally click.
I just got it! I started drawing figures that looked good. What a great
feeling. Even if I never landed my dream career, just the feeling of drawing
great figures was worth every penny Neil charges. I can’t believe he offers so
much for so little.” – Tim.
Don’t give up on yourself. You can draw people, and you
won’t believe how little it will cost you.
You want to draw for a living, or paint for a living, but
the human figure is holding you back, but it doesn’t have to anymore. After you
go through 10 hours of video containing my step-by-step drawing lessons and my
best-kept secrets, you’ll draw the human figure like never before! Guaranteed.
I mean that.
I can guarantee it because I’ve seen it work again and again
for my students.
You should see Kim’s before and after, but I don’t know how
to post that here.
It worked for me. You should see how my figures used to look.
I almost gave up!
Once the secrets of drawing the human figure clicked, I made
quick leaps. Would you believe that before and after was only 30 days after I
figured the secrets of figure drawing out? Yes. It’s true. It only takes some
two weeks. I want to repeat that because it’s so awesome.
You can learn how to draw the human figure in two weeks!
What? Crazy, right? My students are evidence. I am evidence.
I’ve seen it work for me and others.
You just have to watch the videos and do the exercises.
That’s it.
You can have that dream job, drawing or painting.
You can make money
with your art.
You can, you can, you can.
But you’ve tried art courses? You read some figure drawing
books? You even paid for personal art lessons?
Why will my course be any different?
Because it is different. Why don’t figure drawing books tell
you how important it is to master the stick figure before you even start
drawing mannequins? Because not every artist is a great teacher. Most master
artists either don’t know or don’t remember what it takes to get to that level.
They don’t know how to break down the step-by-step learning
process that is necessary for most people to draw the human figure like a pro.
That is what this course does for you. It turns you into a figure drawing professional.
I guarantee you will finally be happy with your figure
drawings once you complete Master the Human Figure that I will give your money
back if you aren’t. Of the 1,297 people that have bought the course so far, not
one of them has complained. Not one.
But you won’t ever be able to draw the human figure?
If you can master the basic stick figure, you can draw the
human figure.
It’s true.
Students have told me I should charge $500 for this 10 hour
course Master the Human Figure. I don’t. I’m not even charging the normal $69
What am I charging then? You are probably ready to punch me.
But why? Why would I do that?
Because, I have no overhead, no electric bill to pay, no
office rent, no CD’s to produce, etc. I offer you the 10 hours as instant
streaming video, with fast servers. You can even download them.
“I had spent a lot of
money previously on books and classes however what i have learned from both
your Mastering the Human Figure and the Mastering the Human Head is incredible.
What i enjoy most of your courses is that you break down the *Formulas*, and i
really enjoy the fact that you are always stressinsg the importance of
practice, practice, practice. I went from being frustrated and stuck to excited
and motiviated. And thank you for making it soo affordable, THANK YOU...”–Orlando
Piedrahita, CA
Why should I over charge you? It only cost like $100 to
produce a new, flat-screen TV, and they sell them for $300 and up. I’m not
going to do that to you. My conscience won’t allow it.
Why do my students believe I should charge $500?
Because you get 10 hours of video lessons. You watch over my
shoulder as I draw and teach you as if you were right there with me. You are
getting 10 hours of personal teaching.
Just look at all the
In the fast-paced
world of professional concept art, you must learn to draw quickly. This means
you need to be able to draw the human figure from your mind, especially if you
want to be a comic artist. That’s exactly what these lessons will do for you. Without
any reference, You will draw people in complex poses.
The lessons take you
from stick man to fully muscled figures. They cover everything from, toddler to
adult, real life, comic, and manga.
Lesson 1 – 30 minutes Mastering proportions and the stick
figure, from toddler to adult.
Lesson 2 – 21 minutes
Mastering the primitive skeleton from different view points.
Lesson 3 – Part 1, 31
minutes – Part 2, 23 minutes Mastering the basic mannequin from different view
points, both male and female. Some foreshortening.
Lesson 4 – 32 minutes
Mastering form, shading, the three point lighting system.
Lesson 5 – Part 1, 27
minutes – Part 2, 37 minutes Mastering drawing poses with mannequins, both male
and female. Covers foreshortening and form, dynamics, weight distribution,
balance, etc.
Lesson 6 – Part 1, 34
minutes – Part 2, 37 minutes – Part 3, 29 minutes Mastering placing muscles and
anatomy onto male mannequins, making them realistic figures.
Lesson 7 – Part 1, 22
minutes – Part 2, 17 minutes – Part 3, 21 minutes Mastering placing muscles and
anatomy onto female mannequins, making them realistic figures.
Lesson 8 – Part 1, 26
minutes – Part 2, 15 Taking everything you’ve learned and adapting it to make
it manga, for male and female. Learn manga portions, style, etc.
Lesson 9 – Part 1, 32
minutes – Part 2, 20 minutes – Part 3, 37 minutes – Part 4, 32 minutes
Mastering difficult poses. More advanced foreshortening and dynamics. Gestures,
Lesson 10 – Part 1,
19 minutes – Part 2, 20 minutes – Part 3, 14 minutes Taking everything you’ve
learned and applying it to comic characters. Learning comic character
proportions and style.
Lesson 11 – 32
minutes Mastering breasts. Learn how they are placed on the body, their
dynamics, how they move, how they flatten, etc. Everything you need to know
about boobs.
Hey, I would be skeptical too. I learned very little from
drawing tutorials and drawing books, but you will draw people.
P.S. You will draw figures better than you ever have before.
Only for $30.
So buy now and start watching.